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Our Funeral Fund

Every little really does help, so since our beginnings we have always tried to keep a little put by to help those who are struggling.
So when families settle accounts, any spare pence on the bottom line will be diverted to the fund. Often families round up their payment, saying 'keep the change' or 'treat yourselves with our thanks.' These gifts go into the Funeral Fund.
And when we can, we add a little too.

So when someone comes along who may be elderly with no family support but also struggles along with no benefits and therefore has no recourse to government assistance, we can offer something, however small, Or when a family suffers the most unexpected and tragic of unplanned losses - for instance the death of a child or baby, or sudden death of a spouse or parent of young teenagers who earn next to nothing, we are able to offer some small help from ourselves and those who have given to us.

It isn't a charity and we don't particularly promote it but when our clients are generous, we do tell them what we will do with their gift.

People , especially when they are sad themselves, are tremendously kind. I will never forget a family who gave a little something, and when we told them about the fund and that it would be given towards a baby's funeral for a family who were also with us, they immediately all offered more.

And little as the fund may be at times, if it buys a few flowers that could otherwise not have been bought, that means such a lot.

So thank you to so many of you for your kindness at the saddest time.



People - especially when they are sad - are so kind...

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